Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Ethereum Miners

Some General Troubleshooting After Miner Setup 

Once you've setup your Antminer you are generally home free. However, you should take some time to check on it to ensure that it is running properly.

Hardware Errors and Hardware Error Rate

On the "Miner Status" section of the miner dashboard you can see in the bottom section each hashboard and the far right of that section will show the chips on each board with 0s and Xs. 0s mean the chip is working ok. Xs mean there is some kind of error. Usually a reboot will fix an excessive amount of errors.

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Guide to Antminer Setup and Configuration 

Pool Info

Before plugging anything in make sure you have your pool information ready to copy and paste into the “Miner Configuration” tab.

Also, IMMEDIATELY check the miner for damage upon receiving it. If the hashboards move around a little it is normal but if the metal heat exchanger inside is not attached properly to each board then that is a serious problem. You can put your finger in on one side to double check this. Do not run the miner if the heat exchangers are not properly attached to the board. This could lead to the chips being burned. Burnt chips are not covered under warranty.

Situating to Account for Heat and Noise

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First Steps : Choosing a Pool and Setting Up a Wallet 

Before you even buy a miner, you should consider what coin you wish to mine, a suitable pool for mining that coin, and a wallet for storing that coin. This will allow you to hit the grounding running as soon as you receive your miner rather than wasting time trying to understand why you're having technical difficulties getting your miner to work or seeking out advice on important decisions that you could have spent time to understand well before you received your equipment.


While the obvious choice would be to mine Bitcoin with a S9, Litecoin with a L3+, and Dash with a D3, this decision is not always so simple.

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Power and Cooling. The two most critical aspects of mining. 

How to evaluate power and cooling aspects when choosing a location for your miners (article coming soon). 

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How to Mine Cryptocurrency 

This article coming soon. 

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Should you Mine Cryptocurrency? 

This article coming soon. 

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How to Identify Crypto Scams

With the mad rush to cash in on the crypto craze there has been an equally massive rush to cash in on those who have more eagerness than knowledge.

I would like to provide a quick breakdown of the common scams in crypto (with several follow-ups later on ways to stay secure).

In general, scams can be broken down into several categories.

They are phishing/malware, ponzi scheme, cloud mining, fake ecommerce, and ICO (initial coin offering).

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