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Some General Troubleshooting After Miner Setup 

Once you've setup your Antminer you are generally home free. However, you should take some time to check on it to ensure that it is running properly.

Hardware Errors and Hardware Error Rate

On the "Miner Status" section of the miner dashboard you can see in the bottom section each hashboard and the far right of that section will show the chips on each board with 0s and Xs. 0s mean the chip is working ok. Xs mean there is some kind of error. Usually a reboot will fix an excessive amount of errors.

Proper Ventilation Needed

Be sure you never block either the fan exhaust or intake areas. There is no warranty for doing something stupid. If the machine can't breathe, the chips could get fried and then you will have to replace the hashboard.

Hashboards Not Mining or Not Connecting

Note the number of boards for your miner. 4 for L3+, 3 for S9 and D3. If you don't see the number of boards in the "Miner Status" area working then that means you have either a bad board or a bad connection to the board. Try rebooting a few times to see if it starts working.

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